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Below are some music videos I directed & edited, songs I produced, engineered, and mixed, 
​and multi-track recordings at live performances or at practice spaces.

Contact:  Nick Palazzo  ::  nick@ophurlabs.com​ for studio & live recording, and/or video production.

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Studio Recordings:

- All recorded & mixed entirely on my own gear in various basements, bedrooms, and living rooms​​.

- I also did the drum tracking for The OooDangs! (my current band), Paul Taneja, Liz Walker, & Ophur (one of my old bands).​

​- The OooDangs! & Pinto And The Bean were mastered by Lotus Mastering.  The others were mastered by me.
Music Videos:

- "Be My Girl" covered by The Shakes & Rumbles is a live video.  I did a multitrack recording of the audio at the show and mixed it later.

​​- Filmed on the Iphone 5, edited in Final Cut.  Audio recordings produced, engineered, and mixed by me.

- "Bath Salts" by The Ooodangs! features me drumming and my hands on the right side.  
​(my current band)

​​- "Robot Wars" was filmed with an actual camera by my friend Tim.​​
Live Recordings:

I bring my gear to your show and multi-track record it, then mix it later.  This is great to do when making a live video at a show.  It's also a much faster way to record & release material, rather than an actual studio recording.

- Videos of me drumming in one of my old bands called Facing Forward.

- "Just Say Goodbye" was filmed & edited by VH1.  I mixed the sound.​​

- All other videos were tracked live as we filmed on my studio gear, then vocals were added after.  ​​